Chamber Macbeth

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Dive into the Stories, Sounds and Movement that make us Human

Are your Friday nights feeling formulaic? Escape the mundane, and dive with us into live performance like you’ve never experienced it before.

Chamber Macbeth is a show created by Rapid Descent in the style of dance/theatre that we invented and tirelessly explore/elaborate on: Cumulative Theatre.
Cumulative Theatre asks the question: ‘How can live theatre be easier for an audience to connect to?’ and answers this question by exploring a seamless, real time, physical and profound connection between live music, words and movement; enabling these mediums to be combined with cumulative effect to create work with many possible entry/connection points for an audience.
Chamber Macbeth is based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, with live brass trio, live vocal score and using a loop station (which digitally records and plays back sound samples onstage, and will be used to create a multilayered live sound score). It has a cast of 10 performers who work vocally, physically and with text and includes a brass trio made up of two trumpets and a French horn. All of the music is original and composed by Aaron Priskorn who is one of the trumpet players in the trio.

Cast: Maria Leigh, Alex Lyndon, Ryan Marchand, Sabrina De Mio, Matthew DePasquale, Aaron Priskorn, Stephanie Rickard, Sam Ritchie, Soren Santos, Maura Tang, Graham Taylor.

Directed by Megan Finlay, Lighting by Peter Papadopoulos, Set by Joan Howard, Costumes by Silvanne Park, Assistant director: James Mayagoitia, Front of House: Gillian Heitman.

Banquet Video shot at Dancers Group/CounterPULSE Second Sundays by Loren Robertson. Features Nathaniel Justiniano, Rowena Ritchie, Maria Leigh, Ross Travis, Gretchen Jude, Cason McBride, Daniel Steffey, Chris Skebo, Alana Renee Walksman and Ben Euphrat


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