robbie sweeny1-5879
Chamber Macbeth photo by Robbie Sweeny. Features Soren Santos and Maura Tang

Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company are a project based company making work in San Francisco. Co founded by Megan Finlay and Nathaniel Justiniano in 2009, and now led by Artistic Director Megan Finlay, the company collaborates with different Bay Area Artists to create theatre, and more recently short films. We are a member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection provides Bay Area based artists and arts organizations with resources, community, and cultural space in order to develop sustainable practices. Visit http://www.theintersection.org.

Our current show under development is ‘Never Let Go’. Which will perform in late 2020.


Artistic Director

Megan Finlay

Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company was co formed in 2009 by Megan Finlay. Highly passionate about creating theater that audiences can connect to and be moved by, Finlay started the company in order to collaborate with other theater, dance and music artists and create work that combines these elements. Finlay is a director and choreographer who founded and directed CUT Theatre Company in Sydney for nine years and then worked in both dance and theatre in London before moving to the United States. In the last two years Megan has written, directed and edited three short films and wrote the companies most recent show ‘Don’t Miss It.’  She is also a passionate practitioner of yoga, meditation and Contact Improvisation.


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