I have been directing theater for 18 years. Nine of those years were spent as artistic director and founder of CUT Theatre company in Sydney. In that time I directed all of CUT’s 26 productions, including King Lear, Hamlet, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Othello, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Macbeth. Seven years ago having relocated to London I realized that I was not directing the kind of theater that I was really excited about seeing, so I decided to change that. The piece that I wanted more of was movement, dance: the physical expression of an emotional state. My work had always been described as physical, but in the theater world anything that doesn’t look like a radio play is ‘physical’, I wanted more and began to study improvised dance and choreography, and improvisation led me to work with live musicians which has become a key element in my current work.

Since moving to San Francisco four years ago and forming Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company I have created two full length shows, both times working with Aaron Priskorn as a performer and composer. The first was ’Skin Tight’ a three performer piece about love, and the second a version of Moliere’s Tartuffe with a cast of ten.

The first clip below is a showreel of my Sydney Work with CUT and the second footage from the production of Queen Lere that we created in 2004. You can find footage of Skin Tight on the Past page. Below the video you will find some photos from a production of Othello that I directed in London in 2007.


Video by Bryan Moses

Video by Bryan Moses



Othello. London 2007

Othello 2007

Othello. London 2007 Epsilon Productions

Photos by Phil Pepper featuring Ansu Kabia as Othello and Richard Keightly as Roderigo


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