Don’t Miss It



Rapid Decent’s current show under development is ‘Don’t Miss It’, which will be performing in June 2019.

Don’t Miss It (DMI) will be a dynamic and intriguing science fiction theatrevision show, with live actors, puppets and video. The piece will have story as its engine and will use modern television script techniques to draw the audience into visceral relationship with its characters and their struggles to stay alive in a violent, anarchic, post centralized technology world.  DMI is a completely original piece directed and written by Megan Finlay collaborating with script consultant Alex Burger and the company. It’s puppets will be created by Ian Greeb and video by Darl Andrew Packard and Wolfgang Wachalovsky.

Don’t Miss It takes place eight months after all earth’s electronic technology has been permanently blown out by an extremely powerful solar flare. L, a young woman of color (and the show’s lead character) has snuck out after the 10pm state curfew for a clandestine meeting with her new boyfriend when she accidentally picks up a video call on her white windbreaker. Even more unnerving than the call, in this post electronic world is the fact that the person on the other end of the video is L’s herself, with a message and a mission from the future.

So begins the story of ‘Don’t Miss It’. A story about human and alien characters (played by puppets and the cast of three) which skips forwards and backwards in time, both in the stage action and in the video calls and explores questions of identity and belonging.

Stay tuned for more show details….