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The year is 2032 and the government have shut down all communication in order to gain complete control of reality. Entire cities are being reduced to white ash in Wasteland Bangs. In 2022 a woman receives a video call from her future self with a mission to create a new future. Will she be able to change the past?

Rapid Descent’s “Don’t Miss It!” is a completely original, funny and intriguing, science fiction, physical theatre show with live actors and video. Time travellers, hold on to your Tardis! “Don’t Miss It” is part Wrinkle in Time, with a smattering of Back to the Future. The script is action based, and is a new style of theatre that blends modern TV’s stripped back and action-focused sensibilities with devised theater’s movement, character and ensemble creation methods.

Written and directed by  Megan Finlay, “Don’t Miss It” places a mirror in front of us,  forcing hard look at a possible societal wasteland and the decisions that got us there. The cast and co-creators consist of  Maria Leigh, Sydney Schwindt and James Sundquist. Featured video art is by Darl Andrew Packard and Wolfgang Wachalovsky.

World premiere of an original text. Only six performances. June 13,14 ,15,20,21,22 at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco. Don’t Miss It!
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